Evaluation of data and personal outreach

Prioritization of the companies: After establishing this database we can prioritize the companies. This prioritization is carried out with AI algorithms and supplemented by the experience of CIC members.

Arranging virtual and personal meetings: Depending on the agreed terms of work members of the CIC Team contact these companies to arrange virtual and/or personal meetings. This is very similar to our Trade Show Program. We prioritize meetings with high score companies!

• All meetings are virtual, CIC use Zoom, Teams and Skype for Business
• Our reporting follows the high standards of our trade show reporting
• The meeting sheets will include following information:
  • Company background (products produced, annual company sales)
  • Number of employees, location of company facilities,
  • Timeline for the investment and other relevant company/market data
  • Contact information of the person attending the meeting
  • Opportunity profile to help guide the discussion
  • Date and time of the meeting
• Robert Schweinberg and Carl Graeb of CIC will represent the region. They can execute all first meetings. Members of the region are very welcome to participate in first meetings but definitely in follow-up meetings.
• Robert Schweinberg and Carl Graeb of CIC take all meeting notes of first meetings and can execute follow-up activities – these are usually developed in consultation with representation of the region.